Your TRUE FOOD box will be filled with in-season *local and organically grown produce. Place an order online by midnight Wednesday and pick up your box at one of our several locations on Saturday. No membership fee, no commitment, order TRUE FOOD when you need it.  Make sure to specify your designated pick-up location (click here) and take note of the delivery times.

*El Paso TRUE FOOD sources from local farms and producer’s cooperatives practicing organic methods. We have chosen to define “local” based on the 2009 Farm Act, which defines the total distance that a product can be transported as less than 400 miles from its origin, or the State in which it is produced.


Box Contents : TBA

Local Farms: TBA

Please keep in mind this is a potential list, one can never truly promise a crop! The produce items included within our TRUE FOOD Boxes change according to the season and availability. If it’s not ripe, our farmers won’t pick it!