Farm To Work is a partnership between worksites and True Food to improve employee wellness and create new market opportunities for local farms. Employees at participating businesses can order a bi-weekly box of fresh organically-grown produce delivered straight to their worksite.

Your True Food will be carefully curated to bring you the best experience around local food and seasonal eating.  All produce items included within the True Food box are organically-grown or certified organic.

Orders placed today will be ready for pick-up on May 29th or the Saturday before depending on your pick-up location.  Initial Payment will be withdrawn immediately following enrollment. 

Box Contents: Yellow Corn, Rainbow Baby Carrots, Valencia Oranges, Cucumbers, Mini Seedless Watermelon, Onions, Sweet Potatoes, Swiss Chard, Green Beans

Farms: Taylor Hood Farms, Rico Farms, Buck Farms, Anjor Organic Farm, Morning Glory Farms, Rundle Farms, Road Twenty Farm

If there is ever an item you are allergic to or simply do not want, let us know and we will substitute it with something of equal value! Please keep in mind this is a potential list, one can never truly promise a crop! The produce items included within our TRUE FOOD Boxes change according to the season and availability. If it’s not ripe, our farmers won’t pick it.