Farm To Work is offered in partnership with the City of El Paso.  As part of the City’s ongoing focus on employee health and wellness, together we aim to increase fruit and vegetable intake among city employees by improving convenience and increasing access.

Orders placed today will be ready for pick-up on June 25th or the Saturday before depending on your pick-up location.  Initial Payment will be withdrawn immediately following enrollment. 

Box Contents:  Alex Lucas Pears, Green Beans, Mexican Grey Squash, Living Basil, Broccoli Crown, Carrot Bunch, Nectarines, Bell Peppers, Zucchini

Farms: De Colores at Girasol, El Paso Verde, Lakeside Farm, Dwelley Farms, Masumoto Farm, Viva Tierra, Bako Sweet Farm

If there is ever an item you are allergic to or simply do not want, let us know and we will substitute it with something of equal value! Please keep in mind this is a potential list, one can never truly promise a crop! The produce items included within our TRUE FOOD Boxes change according to the season and availability. If it’s not ripe, our farmers won’t pick it.