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Farm To Work is a partnership between worksites and True Food to improve employee wellness and create new markets to support the growth of our local farms.  True Food will deliver personal boxed farm shares to your designated workplace distribution site.

What is in a Farm Share?

Shares typically contain 8-10 different seasonal produce items. Winter crops may include kale, rainbow chard, various citrus, apples, potatoes, carrots, turnips, radishes, beets, arugula, lettuce, winter squash and onions. Summer crops may include tomatoes, summer squash, peaches, plums, apricots, melons, cucumbers, summer lettuce, bell peppers, green onions, eggplant. Please keep in mind this is a potential list, one can never truly promise a crop!  We strive for a 60-80% locally produced farm share, the remaining percentage will contain non-local items carefully selected and sourced from our close partnering farms and cooperatives.  This allows us to create a farm share filled with as much local produce as possible while allowing us to curate a box that gives you the best possible experience around local and seasonal eating.

How Much Does it Cost?

Each box cost $30.00. We offer two subscription payment options, the bi-weekly payment option withdraws $30.00 every other week and has the ability to be paused from week to week.  The quarterly payment option withdraws $195.00 every 3rd month.  In the event a subscription needs to be cancelled, it is the responsibility of the subscriber to notify us 3 days prior to the next scheduled delivery.

Where is the produce sourced from?

We source from local farms and producer’s cooperatives practicing organic methods.  Click here for a list of the farms and partners we work with.

How do we enroll?

We want to make the enrollment process as simple as possible for the participating business and their employees. To enroll, click on your company below and begin the enrollment process.